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Welcome to Story architects collaboratory!

Story architect is a think and do collaboratory, a production and consulting company founded by Jasmine Idun Lyman (CV); living bridge, film director, curator, game, lab and experience designer, process leader, lecturer, transmedia producer, social innovator, artist and archaeologist. Together with a wide network of global collaborators I aim to not only explore ways of communicating and integrating with users or co-creators, but also aim to create social change and support startups and creatives in their project development.

I am currently building a bigger research and innovation lab, Collaboratory - a Next Generation Makerspace designed for co-creation within games, ICT, film and design. Everything needed for a full scale storyworld production is available here at the film and games village at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. In connection to Collaboratory a cluster of indiegame companies is in the making. 

Story architect designs architectures for projects with interest in communication and experience design and technologies, sustainable relations and solutions. Any cultural expression is considered communication and s
tory architecture and playcentric experience design are keys. To create good experiences we work transdisciplinary and through border crossing collaborations. Innovation happens in the crossing point of different and crossgenerational perspectives.

Story architect has been short-listed by the Digital Agenda for Europe, as a high-impact initiative with regard to the domain of fostering ICT entrepreneurship. I am also often booked for giving advice or talks on digital culture and ethics, creative leadership, maker philosphy, story and communication architectures, innovation and prototyping methods etc. Museums, universities, policy makers and production companies are among the clients.

Many projects are open for collaboration, check out the projects page. I am currently co-producing labs and jams like Learn Do Share (fka DIY days), TEDx Gothenburg lab, GAMERella game jam, Playcentric writers room (with Gothenburg University), Global Game Jam, knowledgesharing book series Learn Do Share, the psychogeographic art game project Idun, the CERN and Tribeca Film Institute hackathon project Axiondirecting and working on several bridging initiatives, a couple of indie games, short films, performances with dance, fire and interactive costumes, and also projects like that aim at improving the educational systems and go from STEM to STEAM thinking. In 2015 I am also launching Electrodome, a festival for interactive, electronic and transmedia arts.

Visiting address Polstjärnegatan 14 at the Gothenburg Film and Games Village, Lindholmen, Sweden