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Welcome to the Story architects collaboratory!

Story architect is both a think and do collaboratory and a production/consulting organisation. Founder Jasmine Idun Lyman (CV); living bridge, film director, curator, game, lab and experience designer, transmedia producer, social innovator, artist and archaeologist, with a wide network of global collaborators aim to not only explore ways of communicating and integrating with audiences, participants or co-creators, we also aim to create social change and support startups and creatives in their project development. We are currently building a bigger research and innovation lab, Collaboratory - a Next Generation Makerspace. Collaboratory is both a global network and a space in Gothenburg, designed for co-creation within games, ICT, film, design and crafts.

Story architect designs architectures for projects with interest in communication and experience design and technologies, sustainable relations and solutions. We consider any cultural expression as communication and s
tory architecture and playcentric experience design are important focus areas. To create good experiences we work transdisciplinary and through border crossing collaborations, we believe that innovation happens in the crossing point of different and crossgenerational perspectives. Story architect was recently short-listed by the Digital Agenda for Europe, as a high-impact initiative with regard to the domain of fostering ICT entrepreneurship.

Many of our projects are open for collaboration, check out the projects page. We are currently co-producing labs like diy days , Wicked Solutions lab (RebootStories/FreedomLab), the Playcentric writers room (with Gothenburg University)the knowledgesharing book series Learn Do Share, the psychogeographic art game project Idun, directing the feature film Break of Day (Gryning) and working on several bridging initiatives, a couple of indie games, short films and other art projects. If you are interested in collaborating drop us a line.

Visiting address Polstjärnegatan 12-14 at the Gothenburg Film Studios and Games Village, Lindholmen, Sweden